Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Direction for my Blog

Hey there all,

I was thinking about something a writing teacher once told us. It was "the best way to learn something is by teaching someone else". Couple that with the fact that friends, family and readers of this blog like to ask my opinion and advice on home and small business matters, I made a decision.

Now I do not pretend to be anything more than I am, I am not an expert. However like most everyone else, I have the ability to look in from the outside and give my advice or suggestion with a clarity that comes from a fresh perspective.

And so I have decided that I will go through emails and answer them directly on my blog. I hope to provide a different spin and helpful suggestions and learn a few things myself along the way.

If you have any of your own questions or dillemas that you would like my take on, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Have a great one!

Here Ye Here Ye!

I have changed my business focus which actually suits my blogs name to a tee. I will be building a business around myself, literally. I am shifting away from trying to start my ebook publishing business with other peoples work and instead I will be writing and publishing my own ebooks on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles etc. While I've been published on Yahoo's Associated Content, I am a newbie through and through when it comes to the new frontier of ebooks. I am so scared I wanna pee my pants, but I am going for it anyway!