Sunday, May 20, 2007 : My Review

Since I use Netflix and have to wait for "Baby Boom" to arrive, I thought I would introduce you all to a woman that is, quite frankly, my hero. Okay perhaps hero is a little strong, but seriously, this chick had all of us thinking, "WHY? Why didn’t I think of it first?" And just so ya know, I always give props when they are due.

If you’ve never heard of Karyn Bosnack, well then, you’ve been deprived.

Karyn was over $20,000 in credit card debt, living the high life in New York City. After getting tired of debt collectors and living above her means, she was laying in bed one night and thought "humph, if only I could get 20,000 people to each give me a dollar". And the rest, as they say, is herstory. She created a website that you can check out here and would basically Blog every day or so, she is the grand-mama of Cyber-Begging. She asked people to donate to her "cause" by paypal and pretty quickly became a cyber celeb. I totally voted for her this year on VH1 for whatever the category was for Cyber Celebrities. Her original site was so cheesy, it was awesome, she had a "Grand Debt Tally which let you track how much she had paid down every week on her debt with donations and her own money, check it:

These were the first 2 weeks
"Watch my debt shrink with every donation!(updated weekly)

$20,221.40 TOTAL DEBT June 23, 2002

- $90.35 my money
- $5.22 your money
- $68.47 eBay sales
$20,057.36 TOTAL DEBT June 30, 2002 - WEEK 1

- $113.45 my money
- $124.55 your money
- $0.00 eBay sales
$19,819.36 TOTAL DEBT July 7, 2002 - WEEK 2

And the last 2 weeks
-$100.00 my money
-$220.82 your money
-$19.65 eBay sales
$389.56 TOTAL DEBT November 3, 2002 - WEEK 19

-$114.16 my money
-$136.60 your money
-$138.80 eBay sales
$0.00 TOTAL DEBT November 10, 2002 - WEEK 20


Now tell me this girl is not a genius? She made my hit list for review because she essentially now works for herself. She is now a thrice-published author thanks to a late night idea to cyber-beg her way out of debt. I read her book, and highly recommend it; it’s hilarious to say the least. You can check her new site out at , there is a link to her blog as well as to her book "Save Karyn". Until next time all.

Toodles Everyone,

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