Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I'm Still Pursuing Self Publishing Even With Low Sales Numbers

I was over at JA Konrath's blog and read a post by Romance Author Ann Voss Peterson. In it she describes the horrendously low "royalties" she was making as a writer for Harlequin Books, 6% and 2.4%. WTH!

Even with Amazon and Barnes and Noble's lowest royalty rate of 35% and 40% respectively you are way better off.

You can read the whole post here.

You may be asking why a post by a Romance Author should be inspiring me to continue with my journey of self publishing my non-fiction eBooks. The reason is this, the numbers.

Plain and simple I am a single mother with 3 children and 1 grandchild. I would like to be able to support my family in a comfortable lifestyle. I would like to work from home and be able to be there when my boys get home from school. I want to be able to take a few days or a few weeks and be able to visit and reconnect with my daughter who lives 4 hours away. Or with my best friend in California or my cousins in New York City.

And if I am able to make a living as a self published writer, those are things I can do.

I write non-fiction but low royalties are one of the main reasons so many writers (fiction and non-fiction alike) are moving into the realm of self publishing, and why you should too.

So because of scary low ball royalties of 2.4% I will continue to try and find a way that works for me to promote myself and my books.

Because I want a fuller life and the ability to be there for the "every day" things with my kids and grand daughter, I will keep writing and praying.

And because I believe that other single parents can be helped by my eBooks I will soldier on.

Happy writing!

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Here Ye Here Ye!

I have changed my business focus which actually suits my blogs name to a tee. I will be building a business around myself, literally. I am shifting away from trying to start my ebook publishing business with other peoples work and instead I will be writing and publishing my own ebooks on sites like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles etc. While I've been published on Yahoo's Associated Content, I am a newbie through and through when it comes to the new frontier of ebooks. I am so scared I wanna pee my pants, but I am going for it anyway!